January 12th, 2006


Got a jar of cole slaw and a case of lighter fluid

I'm back from Virginia. I made a trip into the District today to get to the Naval Research Lab, dragging my coworker Tom to meet my friend Ken for a business meeting, followed by dinner with Ken and Heidi at a Mongolian BBQ in (I think it was Arlington). I hadn't done a Mongolian BBQ since State College in August or so, and so that was welcome.

After dropping Tom back in Ashburn, I made the trip back via Charles Town and then over a fog-ridden I-70.

The house is still a mess. Tomorrow, I have lunch plans with jalexlang, jacquez and others to see ex-ex-coworker Suzanne (who left CMU before I did) and then evening plans at a bar of another ex-coworker (he just bought a share), so I doubt I'll be getting any plastering done tomorrow, either. [Edit: well, not the kind which will help me sell the house, anyway] I'm never going to get the place done, at this rate.

At least work is moving along. Oh right. And I failed to skate while in Ashburn, despite the ice rink that was like a half mile down. I suck. Clearly I must skate this weekend.

Anyone wanna skate?