April 9th, 2006


You're not pretty enough; You're not skinny enough; You're not healthy enough

Last night, after getting coffee with ex-cow orker Suzanne K at the Beehive and b.s.ing music for a while, I went and grabbed mizmoose and we tried for, an eventually got, sushi. We settled on Pacific Ring, and lo did we run into genuinekfc and Shafeeq. Anyway, after an amusing dinner, I deposited moose back at her car, and was considering what to do when ex-cow orker Bill appeared online because something had broken. Understanding approximately what was going on, and looking for entertainment, I met him at CMU and walked into a computer cluster for the first time in a while. There, I "helped him" ("Hey, type your password here. Ok, It's fixed now. Here's what I did.") fix an issue where an empty passwd file broke disk updating. The scary thing about this? All the students there knew me by username. I also gave them some quotables out of it. Bill thinks I could have an interesting job at CMU again in June. I like my current job, but I'm a bit cranky about benefits. Maybe it's worth talking to CMU again.

Anyway, today I went to the CD101 Day show, after a brief stop for lunch with jalexlang's clan. Collapse )
Music is important. Music is the cohesive force in my life at my low points and an additional boost at the high ones. Whether you listen to the same music I do, or something totally different, I hope you all have the same appreciation I do for it.