May 16th, 2006


Your reality produces poverty, spiritually in a nation of greed

Before going to Oakland for crepes, I wandered over to my polling place, 50 yards from my house. There was only a small crowd there, to shill for Joe Markosek ("keep the money in Trafford"... I smiled and walked on, biting my tongue). I walked in and... what the ...? The lever machines in booths were gone, replaced by something that looked like a music stand with paperless sheet music on it.

Ok, so while I was being signed in, I heard the first complaint, one of the machines was "3 names behind."

Ominous. Anyway, I was chatting with one of the ladies staffing the poll, and told them I distrusted the machines. I was told I was only the second complainant. When I finished voting, I told them why I disliked the machines (the UI where you press a button which is flashing red to vote after you only interacted with the touch screen for the rest of the process is rather poor) and the judge of elections seemed to think the lever machines were less reliable. Maybe. But I bet with a lever machine if my vote goes away, it's not intentional.

At least the iVotronic isn't a Diebold product.