May 19th, 2006


He was cool in his leather jacket and his little dark shades

Joey Ramone would have been 55 today; Had I ended up in NYC as is custom for 3rd Fridays, perhaps I might have lucked into the show for his birthday with the surviving Ramones and the Strokes, among others. Probably not. But it seemed all the more apropos when jacquez zephyred this link earlier.

Also, remember American Edit? Ok, so, one of the members of "Dean Grey"? PartyBen. Remember how I was grumpy at the musical offerings while I was in Guess where he works. Weird. I was, incidentally, able to quantify later why Live105 wasn't it for me... not enough older music in the mix. Like, oh, say, Ramones... which I seem to recall hearing only during their late show where they let a listener come in and spin songs. (Likewise, they have an hour midday or at least did on Friday where a listener's list is selected, and the guy whose list they played had a bunch of somewhat older stuff including a Violent Femmes tune which for whatever reason had been on my mind all morning that day... I think it would be more amusing if they let the people come in during the day, but whatever.)

In other amusement, having my aunt call when I was on my way to the Beehive and having her say "well, we'll meet you there." Now, if only work were going more smoothly, or at least more quickly.