November 6th, 2008


Well maybe it's just time to say Things can go bad

Of the many issues the place I'm living now has, the prior owner failed to run cable conduits before he closed up the walls, and half the house has no basement, meaning without breaking plaster those walls are now inaccessible.

Like any other sane person, I use wireless technology for networking. Sadly, I have a TiVo with a wired network connection. This should be easy: attach what's called a wireless client bridge to it, or to a network switch, and have wired network on a different floor, but I am cheap, and that's where the fun begins.

The router I'm using is a small PC running pfSense, with 2 Atheros wireless cards in it. pfSense is FreeBSD (7.x). I have 2 unused Graphite Airports, and one Airport Express. The last will bridge to a WDS network. None of the first 3 will do WDS.

It looks like I will either have to open a wall, or spend money, to fix my problem. Sometimes, you just have to admit defeat, and move on.