November 13th, 2008


Born On The Cusp In The Month Of November

The contrast of working during a hackathon and sitting alone at the Beehive working is stark. It's not necessarily critical to be working around people who are working on the same thing as you, so much as someone who is technically inclined. Likewise, I know full well I am not the only work-at-home person around.

Podcamp, and the proposed BarCamp have the right idea, but are once a year events, perhaps more heavyweight than what I'm thinking.

To that end, would an organized, say, once per month tech lunch/hackathon in Pittsburgh be of interest? Having no personal font of wealth and no connections, I assume we'd either meet somewhere for buy-it-yourself lunch, or "free for all" if we begged meeting space.

Does this sound interesting to you, or perhaps to someone you know? Thoughts, interest, or disdain welcome!