October 4th, 2013


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It's far too easy to live a life of self-doubt. "What if I'm wrong". "What if I change my mind". "What if..."

My physical reality is the one which has evolved over the course of my life. I have no tattoos or even piercings. I don't wear glasses (tho I probably should). The extent to which I have "remodeled" is basically limited to the bone in my hand which is currently healing. That's it.

The problem with this is that what's held back any of this is self-doubt. I have a desire to express who I am, but what if I am wrong about who I am? Perhaps reaching the point where I realize, at 40, that I have been right all along, is late, but I'm still alive, so it's not too late, right?

Step 16: stop doubting yourself and just be the person you are.