March 1st, 2014


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"I'll introduce you if you like, but any explaining is up to you," he told me. "I think it's pretty obvious," I replied. Of the 60ish people in the room, most had known me for years. Indeed, some had known me in my 20s. I was wearing bright red. There would be no missing me, even before I stood to speak.

I'd been there since 2 days prior; Indeed, longer than anyone else attending other than the organizers and the people who worked there. There was a little to say, but not much. We were there to work, and to speak about the work we had done and were doing, and that's what we had been up to so far. As people I knew trickled in I said my hellos to nary a raised eyebrow. The night before we'd found ourselves arriving back to the site after dinner just behind a larger group who'd been at the other end of the same tram, unbeknownst to any of us.

The morning went through site reports of a number of the attending institutions, people I'd known for years as well as people I hadn't seen before the immediate moment they stood and walked to the front. Lunch was at the peak time, and so the lunch room was thronged; I found myself surrounded only by people I'd already known to some degree. Finally lunch ended, and we all convened. Our host welcomed us back, gave us an update, and then concluded, saying, "This is Daria, and she will give us an update on the state of OpenAFS."

I stepped to the podium and flipped to the first slide.