November 17th, 2014


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I knew that for the day's events to come off without a hitch, I'd have to make some sacrifices, to punt on some of the usual niceties. There would be no bike ride, and as it developed even making all of my errands in a timely manner barely got me to church in time to see them sing. After dropping off the food I was delivering, I went and found somewhere to stash the car. I walked in seconds before the pre-service song I was worried I'd miss, but after that it wasn't clear where any of the folks I knew were sitting, so I did what I always do: took my solitary place in the pew one forward of the back. Alone was not how I had planned to spend the remainder of the morning.

The theme of the service, one I hadn't known going in, was one which was intensely personal for me. I heard stories of the struggles other people went through. I heard prayers for those who are alone, voluntarily or not. And I cried, several times, all the while hoping the the person behind me, the LGBT ministry coordinator, wasn't paying attention. I realized the truth. In spite of the empty pew beside me, I was never alone. No matter what had gone wrong in my life, there was always someone there when I needed them most, someone prepared to help pick up the pieces.

Step 93: Not everyone is lucky enough to have people behind them when they need them. If you do, cherish the gift you got.