November 20th, 2014


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I don't agitate for change; I work for it quietly. I find tilting at windmills to be agonizing, and I've never looked favorably on being collateral damage when someone else does. I can't remotely claim, though, that taking action to fix the world is bad, wrong, or useless. Currently, however, there is internal pressure on me for many things which boils down to a simple statement: is my advocacy a blessing or a distraction for the issue at hand? I wear much of my life on my sleeve. There is no hiding things, and I'm not really trying to.

Today, November 20, is observed as a day of remembrance for victims of violence targeted because they lived in the light, because they chose not to hide who they are. And here's the thing: I can say in all likelihood that in spite of whatever is going on in my life, my chances of becoming one of these casualties is low. Not zero, obviously, but whether you call it a blessing, a privilege, luck, I have support and circumstances overwhelmingly on my side, and I don't take that lightly. Still, I know that should something horrible befall me tonight, I would not be abandoned, and that if I passed, I would not be forgotten.

I don't hold up my life as one to be celebrated, any more than I hope it's one not to be cursed. In the end I am just a person living life. The thing I hope you'll realize if you haven't already is that these victims were, too: struck down for the having the temerity to be people who were living their lives. Regardless of whether they were awesome, lousy, whatever, no one should be expected to pay the ultimate price simply because someone else didn't particularly care for them to exist anymore.

Step 96: There will be moments in life where you must stand up for what you believe, where you are called to go beyond what you feel you can. Do as you can to be ready when that moment comes; Your voice will probably not be enough, but in all likelihood will not be alone. Today, this is my voice. Today, this is what I can do.