December 24th, 2014


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"Here's your year," it offered as I scrolled down the page. I didn't even look at the story. I didn't need to.

2014 was the hardest year of my life. Even with another week left, I feel no compunction offering that. The year included a legal battle, as yet unresolved, complete with a seemingly-bottomless money pit. There were relationship challenges beyond what I was even remotely ready to deal with. I had professional stress. And that was all with a background of the turmoil of change.

At the same time, the year hadn't been without rewards. I found time to spend two days on a bicycle and do a ride I'd wanted to do for years. There'd been travel, if not for long, and much time with friends. And objectively, there was more personal growth this year than perhaps ever in my life. To be sure, much of that was because the only other choice was to give up. But the further I pressed, the more apparent it became that I was on the right path. It was a far cry from the early demise I feared I was on the path to 18 months earlier.

Indeed, for the first time since I began adolescence, I can tell you that I am happy with who I am, or at least where I am heading. So my goal is to keep moving forward, and more importantly to find ways to pay forward the unexpected, and tremendous, support I've received. If you are reading this, you are part of that story. My story. And I thank you.