February 17th, 2015


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Twice today, hours apart, different friends shared the same story. A lady in Australia whose choice of outfit was quite vibrant posted about the harassment she received because of it. For daring to be herself. My initial reaction? "I would wear that dress."

My own choice of outfits tended to not be the most muted. In the morning, I had an animal print blouse paired with my simple skirt and red blazer, but for the evening I switched to a dress. The red dress in particular tended to be a subconscious choice when I was stressed, and I'd pulled it out just after finding that my prescriptions were still nowhere near me even as my last batch was running out.

My outfits, like the lady in question, are picked because they make me feel good about myself, or at least good enough that I can carry on with my life. Sometimes they are simple, muted... sometimes, though, they stand out. A red dress and a full-on vintage pillbox hat don't really slide under the radar, but when you feel perennially on the edge of having the person you've finally had the opportunity to grow into snatched back away, clinging to the ultimate expression of that person probably isn't a big surprise.