May 9th, 2016


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I sat quietly on the bed, working. To one side were the clothes waiting to go into my suitcase; To the other, the various electronic gadgets that needed to get tossed into my purse before I left.

I was vaguely aware of the passage of time, knowing that the Attorney General would be speaking presently on an issue of great importance to me. And so, when a message flicked past indicating that go time was in a minute, I stopped what I was doing briefly, and opened the Department of Justice's website to watch the speech.

A square, perhaps 4 inches diagonal, sprung to life. In front of me, at a podium, was Loretta Lynch. Even before she'd gotten to the meat of the topic at hand, her voice offered comfort. She spoke eloquently and with authority. It was no farce: she had the legal mechanisms of the nation at her disposal. Her authority was real.

And so, when as she spoke, she addressed me and folks like me, I held perfectly still.

"We see you." A shiver ran up my spine as her words washed over me.

"We stand with you." The tears welled in my eyes.

"We will do everything we can to protect you."

I could but hope that this was a pivotal moment, a turning point for the nation so we could be what we have been right along: just people.

On such an auspicious day, I found myself with the privilege of handling a rotating Twitter account that passed between interested LGBT individuals. I found a transcript, excerpted the passage that had spoke so deeply to me, and shared. I can still hear it in AG Lynch's voice in my head when I read it.