Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

in the last 3 weeks

I have:
-cleaned up the house, sort of.
-had a mortgage appraiser walk through (for refinancing).
-finished installing new garage door, which doesn't relock properly unless you help it.
-spilled a lot of fuel from a supposedly empty but really very full oil tank which was in my basement when I bought the house.
-met 4 local companies of volunteer firefighters, and a crew of hazmat handlers from McCutcheon Enterprises.
-got a new 15" TiBook 12 hours before the new 15" AlBooks became available.
-wrote some code for OpenAFS which still isn't working right.
-had dinner with shoebox_bird and a large crew of other folks while she was in town for TOC at CMU. (at least I didn't manage to screw anything up that night)
-fixed vfdlib (a display manipulation library for the empeg) to work with the fonts from the next version of the software
-went to western Ohio with rmitz for the 2nd annual empeg owners meet at Hueston Woods State Park
-fixed KisMAC to work with gpsd in the car on the way out (and to actually build, but that's another story)
-built a set of arm empeg cross compile tools for the Mac while I was there
-went canoeing with Linux kernel IDE guy Mark Lord in the Whitewater River. Failed to capsize, but did need to step out and remove the canoe from a shallow spot we hung up on.
-checked out some former railroad locations on the way back
-had lunch at Logan's Roadhouse in the Easton Town Center near Columbus
-took a nap upon arriving home
-got palantir (a Palm playlisting app for the empeg) working after getting the Palm Desktop for Mac working, finally.
-uploaded my trip photos to the owners' meet gallery

Now, it's time to flush some music to my empeg, and sleep; Then, back to work. Bleah.

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