Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Got all the parts for a ceiling mount for my projector, *except* that no one seems to stock the washers I need. I now have a pile which aare variously wrong, though. I wonder if the Able Hardware Center in North Versailles has them. Too bad they're never open when I have time. My brother is supposed to come help me hang it some evening when he hasn't had to go work at the Cabela's retail and distribution center under construction outside Wheeling.

Found a critical bug in the OpenAFS volserver which I'd been looking for for a while. Got our web AFS exporter (as borrowed from Notre Dame) working correctly. Now, if only I could get caught up on some other things.

Oh, and damnit, I still want an electric car, even if I can't have the ACPropulsion Range Extending Trailer yet.

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