Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

"There's no recipe for this. It's not like baking a cake," she told me. Getting here at all was hard for me. I hate talking on the phone, but email hadn't worked, and an attempt to arrange this appointment in person resulted in being handed a business card and told to call. For this, I gained the privilege of spilling intensely personal details of my life to a stranger. Still, she sensed something on my mind and waited for my reply.

"So much of my life has been spent studying science. I know I can't have it, but yes, a recipe is precisely what I want. An exact path that will work." We proceeded to have a discussion where I shared many details, found that my life has many more common elements than I expected, and tabulated a list of questions I hoped to discover the answers to. Not derive, not compute, but unearth.

Step 21: Sometimes the answers cannot be proven, only surmised. Adjust to the possibility that sometimes facts will simply not be available to you, especially when humanity is involved.
Tags: therapy, transition

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