Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

You set a goal, you make a plan, and you start working on it. No plan is perfect; You'll have setbacks. Unanticipated difficulties will crop up. Sometimes they'll be external, sometimes of your own making. At each step, you have to figure out a mitigation plan, or bail. And if you bail, what of your goal?

I have little doubt that biking several thousand miles has improved my personal fitness. I'm in excellent shape, especially from the waist down (because biking sadly does little for the upper body).

5 days ago, though, a ride which was probably not the smartest I ever took resulted in a trip to the Bluff late at night, and while Friday I did bike downtown to see a giant duck, on Saturday it was suggested to me that perhaps biking at the moment was not the best plan for me. Tomorrow the splint I got will probably be replaced with a cast for a few weeks. In truth, this is minor: my face is healing quicker than I expected, and the single bone I broke in my hand is one you wouldn't typically put much pressure on, anyway. But it's a setback to several of my plans, and means the "keep biking to get in better shape" plan is a loss, at least for now. Faced with the possibility of admitting defeat, I wasted no time in taking up walking.

Step 14: life happens while you are busy making plans. Never accept defeat when adapting is possible.
Tags: death, hospital, transition

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