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In the early months of 2005, I was burning out on the job I'd had for the previous 10 years, and the misery was leaking out in ways that were surely to the detriment of all involved. In March, I signed an employee review which said I had a poor attitude without any objection. By April I felt utterly defeated.

At the start of May, after not having a bike for 13 years, I got one, as a gift. In spite of the girth I had acquired in 10 years of sitting at a desk, I rode the Yough River Trail from the Sutersville lot south almost 8 miles, then back. No problem. One more ride of some distance, in the South Side, before I took a break for the PRRT&HS annual meeting, but on my return I restarted with vigor. 100 or more miles a week -- and a better diet -- quickly slimmed me down. Indeed, I was a bit thinner than I am now.

This summer I've done the National Bike Challenge. Sometime next week I will hit 2500 miles since May 1. It's odd to be posting about a literal journey, albeit one split into pieces, in a thread attempting to understand the journey of (my) life.

In any case, I have never internalized the idea that I am anything other than the overweight person who got on the bike, which leaves me gobsmacked when faced with my seeming transformation into someone athletic (and I still object to being called an athlete). The unfortunate side effect of this is the one that thus underrates other people's accomplishments. If you've "done nothing", what does it say of others who have done similarly?

Step 12: appreciate what you have done, because if not, you'll find you are unfair to others that have worked just as hard to do similarly.
Tags: accomplishments, cycling, transition

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