Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The thing about the usual stiff bike ride up the hill: I'm not the only one to do it, but aside from a special event a week from now, people on that path are few and far between. I have seen other people doing it, and the most recent time, the two outstripped me on the climb. I wondered if they, like me, occasionally had to deal with a driver who wasn't terribly interested in waiting for them to pass on the narrow, hillside streets. I wondered how they dealt, if they were less passive than me. I was already working hard: I wasn't looking for more to do.

On a rarely traveled path, it's inevitable that you'll notice what those few you encounter are up to, and you may make comparisons. I notice others, and looking at what they do I feel pressure to advocate against being repressed, and in reality, as it goes I am not a terribly weak or unsupported person: I'm an ideal candidate to do that. Maybe that pressure is real, maybe I am doing it to myself. But it feels unfair. I'm already working hard. I'm already pushing at my ragged edge.

I heard a car behind me, and despite a toot (mind, not a long one), I kept going. I'd be clear of the narrowest part of the road shortly. He'd just have to wait.

Step 98: Life isn't fair, to you or anyone else. Don't let that stop you from doing the right thing, from doing the thing that really ought to be done.
Tags: cycling, transition

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