Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The information I'd offered was in reply to a simple question in what conceptually was a chat room about the software I work on. I knew the answer: in this instance, I was the canonical source. They found what they sought, and offered thanks ... misnaming me in the process.

I considered for a bare moment what the correct reply was, before settling on what to do. My response, a link to the photo that told the tale of getting my name change decree, said all that needed to be said.

A private message followed a moment later. I shuddered.

This reply wouldn't be so easy. I could look behind me and see where I'd been. But it wasn't the only way, or likely the best, to get to the point at which I stood. Still, I offered two pieces of advice, things I wished I'd figured out sooner.

Thing is, it's not strength I have. The goal lies ahead of me, and probably always will: Be yourself. But what I do have is people at my back, keeping me together, keeping me standing, keeping me moving ahead. I will never be able to pay back what kindness has been offered. Paying it forward will have to suffice.
Tags: transition

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