Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

They'd been warned the car was coming for service, so I popped my head in just to hand over the key. She greeted me as I noticed the man who'd been talking to her. Old enough to be my grandfather, he turned to me and sized me up. "Young lady, you should be wearing a jacket. It's still chilly outside!", he said, before stuffing his hand in his pocket and handing me a Werther's candy. We all chatted for a moment, and then I collected my bike bag and helmet, unwrapped the candy, popped it in my mouth and then headed on a ride up the hill.

The weekend had included dinner with my family, a stark contrast to the Easter before. My previous absence hadn't gone unremarked, and this year things went well, better even than I had right to expect. But Easter used to be a holiday we all spent at my grandparents' house. I wondered how they'd have reacted. My grandmother, still with us, seems to not grasp the transition. I'd like to hope, though, that they'd have been as supportive as this man was.
Tags: family, transition

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