Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The day was bright, but I took in none of it. I'd pushed up, and then along, the hill without taking my eyes off my path. The route was carefully chosen: I was retracing one from the previous afternoon, when I needed to get out into the sunlight. The hill was my haystack, and the needle wouldn't be easy to find, especially considering the 35 mph ride back down.

The earrings were a series of filled, concentric circles, of thin silver wire. They'd come from the thrift store, like most of my jewelry, and had been 3 dollars in a set with 2 other pairs. On the first day I wore them, a list of "what women should not wear after 30" made its rounds, and my dangly earrings made the list. It was fitting: my whole wardrobe is not one which kowtows to rules. But as I unmade myself before bed that night, one was missing, and I was sad.

I knew where I'd been since I last was sure I had them on. They were not in the coffee shop, so I made the bicycle trip with my face glued to the ground. I scanned everywhere, making a note of where cars might have parked since the day before. No luck. On a subsequent ride, I checked there. Still no.

Sometimes, though, with concentrated focus, you can miss the bigger picture. As I went to the kitchen a few days later to get a drink, I noticed something shiny against the baseboard. It was probably in plain sight the entire time, and I walked past it each time I got out or put away my bicycle. It's easy to be thrown off your game when you make a mistake, but you risk not recovering from it if you lose focus.
Tags: cycling, jewelry, transition

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