Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I had some time to work between therapy and lunch, and so I stopped in a coffee shop halfway between the two for some tea and to do some work. I looked at the tea menu, and picked Earl Gray, unsure it tickled my fancy but lacking a better answer. As I ordered, he picked up the tone of my voice and asked, jokingly, "Are you sure?"

15 months before, I had been asked a question, the same question. The answer I gave at the time was not the answer anymore. I wasn't sure when it had changed, but somewhere along the way it did.

"No," I replied. "I want tea, and it's probably as good as any, though." We chatted for a couple minutes as he made it. He addressed me as Daria. In fact, he had only ever known me as Daria.

The question that day, 15 months before, may have been the same question he had just asked, but the context was different. And that day, as this one, I had to confess I wasn't sure.

The answer to that question, at least with that context, had changed. Somewhere, when I wasn't thinking hard about it, the answer became yes. Things were not perfect, but yes, I was sure that this was the right path.
Tags: transition

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