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I was a couple minutes late for my session after hoofing it from the bus over snow-covered sidewalks. I regretted missing the exercise from a bike ride, but the odds of injury were too high to risk. We quickly got on track, and I recounted my progress at the goals I'd set for myself. She offered that perhaps I'd reached a point of stability, that maybe I was ready to switch to every other week. It was a far cry from the beginning, when I felt lost and in need of being led around at all times... even if, in hindsight, I was doing better than I thought.

The thing that stands out now was that getting here was easier than I expected, and the difficulties I encountered were mostly not the ones I thought I'd have. Being surrounded by supportive people, that is, you, is without a doubt the number one factor I can cite, but I can't neglect my circumstances. I have insurance even if it's not ideal. I have a job which lets me have the flexibility I need to have done these appointments for over a year strictly during business hours. And I have the possibility of having the time and opportunities to *be* surrounded by you, to have you in my life.

As I stood by just about 24 hours before that, following a moment of tragedy in some friends' lives, I had an opportunity to talk with their neighbor. She lamented that often we aren't there for people when they need it, and folks are more disconnected from those around them than ever before. In spite of seeing counterexamples around me, I know there are those who are isolated and hurting, in some cases in self-imposed isolation because of the pain they are in. If you are inspired by what I did, if you want to celebrate my success, remember your part in it, and promise you'll try to connect, to help the people who need it and don't know how to ask or brusquely push you away. I'd like to tell you the circumstances will be obvious or the help they need will be easy. I can't. But if you are reading this, I know you have it in you, and I hope I do, too.
Tags: support networks, therapy, transition

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