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We'd climbed to the balcony of the church for the concert. Despite my frequent visits dating back more than 8 years, and my marriage 4 years earlier on the floor below, I'd never been in the balcony before. Shortly after he introduced the choir and the orchestra, the pastor arrived a couple rows in front of us, to sit beside his wife for the show.

After the first part of the show, the orchestra packed up, leaving a piano to accompany the remainder. The idle moments gave me time to think, and I reflected on our ceremony, remembering being invited to kiss my spouse for the first time. Earlier that afternoon, chatting with someone over a beer, he asked why I called her my spouse. I countered by asking why he'd chosen badly with pronouns moments before, assuring him that I wasn't upset. He admitted it was reflexive. I offered that I suspected my use of the word made it more likely people would think about who they were talking to before that reflex kicked in.

I considered how I'd bumbled into this place where I felt loved; How the relationship that had brought me there had in and of itself been a happy accident. And I realized, again, how much more support I had on my journey than so many others in my shoes did. How topical, then, the op-ed that appeared the very next day:
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