Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The Passion...

Monday is discussion night at the Oaks, and for 4 weeks starting last week, the discussion was about Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ". We were returning from eichin's St. Ek-Chuah's Day party last Monday when the Post-Gazette's Tony Norman hosted the post-movie discussion. This week's host was Reverend Peter Horton, who was the Pittsburgh Catholic movie critic (it's the newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh) for 22 years. Before he was their critic he was one of the priests in my parents' parish.

You've no doubt heard complaints about the violence. I'm apparently desensitized. If you look at things from the standpoint of what's commonly seen in movies, it's simply not severe. Perhaps the difference is most of those stories are entirely fictional, whereas this one was perhaps worse than the truth due to artistic license.

On the flipside at least 2 members of the audience were really bothered that God would let his son die in this way. One of them seemed to be looking for the answer to "why"... because, no one's answered it well for nearly 2000 years, clearly at a movie discussion someone would have the answer.

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