Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Of laptops, Cincinnati, and car.

Just over a week ago I finally sent my laptop in for repair. (It had started hanging at random; I suspected a cracked motherboard). I was going to borrow my (then current) boss' identical machine. Instead he gave me the new 17" Powerbook that was for my new boss (who started yesterday; my now "previous" boss is actually 2 levels above me). I used it 2 days, then Wednesday my machine came back.

Thursday morning I got up late, had breakfast, and was about to head for Cincinnati for the PRRT&HS annual meeting. Opened the laptop, plugged in the GPS, screen went white. Crap.

Stopped at campus, which was between Monroeville and Cincinnati anyway... dropping off machine for repairs again ("and this time, make them actually fix the display, which has had blotches since I got it"). Picked up new boss' machine, and left. Well, screwed around getting the GPS working for a while, and then left.

I went via Steubenville, Coshocton, and Trinway where I then followed the route of the former Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Railway to just outside Cincinnati. Took a while, and I got to the hotel just before the meeting began.

Aside from 2 cases where it rained in the window of the car the weekend went well. The Museum Center in the Cincinnati Union Terminal is neat, the building (a 1930s art deco railroad station with a huge half-dome) is gorgeous, the history museum and the former railroad tower upstairs were cool, dinner was good, and the programs were interesting. I also spent a bit too much on a pile of historic documents to scan for my collection.

As I was getting ready to come home, a horrible tragedy happened invoving me, a laptop, and falling off a bed. So, my new boss got a machine with a small dent near the power port. Crap again. I apologized profusely and offered to pay and loan him mine while it went in for repair. So far, no.

Today, I got my laptop back.

While I was away, I got 36 "Magic 1000(base 2) balls" and the new charger for my electric car. I also got a replacement center console for it. Slowly I'm buying replacements for all the blemished parts on the car.

Now, I have to finish getting user account creation for our test setup for the overseas campus done. It's been a huge downer so far.

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