Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

minor apple hatred

Ignoring the time I've spent over the last few days crashing my Mac again and again (not Apple's fault; OpenAFS has a bug in 10.3) I do have some Apple hatred built up. There's been a thread on a mailing list at work about calendaring and Palms. So what does this have to do with Apple?

Well, see, the answer to "the CorpSync conduit sucks" is writing an N-way sync tool using the CorpTime SDK. But if I'm going to bother, I want to work also. And the only apparent way to do it *right* is with iSync. I don't *want* to shut down iCal so it's safe to read calendars out from under it.

So it means reverse engineering the .mac protocol. Yuck. Why isn't there an API for this?
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