Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

What you remember, and what you forget...

These days I manage to forget things like what I did 2 days ago, or beyond the next 2 things I'm supposed to be working on. But there are some things I haven't managed to forget.

After dinner, I dropped mizmoose at her home, and headed north along Route 8, looking for activity on the rail line. Due to a tunnel collapse just north of Evans City, coal trains are being detoured down along Route 8 and past CMU to Rankin, then back along the river to New Castle, instead of the ~15 miles from Evans City to New Castle. They leave Butler around 11, and it takes a good while for them to get to Pittsburgh. This was my second try, and I was working without aid of a radio; Not shockingly I lost again.

After heading east from Mars I got back on Route 8, still north. And suddenly, it was 12 years ago. Someone I went to high school with lived in southern Butler County (yeah, uneviable commute), and I helped him with some school work, did some projects with him, we went to some movies, and other such things. I lost touch with him while we were in college.

Anyway, first I came on Dinnerbell Road, then the boat shop that wasn't anymore and wasn't then either, the car dealer that wasn't anymore and was brand new then, and the Peterbilt dealer, and I remembered the turn...

Sometimes I wonder if I didn't quite finish living that part of my life or something, and at the same time I regret losing touch with him, and countless other people.

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