Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

There aren't enough hours in the day

-During a recent discussion on euthanizing majordomo at work, someone mentioned Sympa. I looked at their demo interface and now I'm blind. It's a shame, because it's Perl, and really, since my ideal would be to integrate it with Request Tracker as an interface for accepting a request for a new list to be created and automatically doing so (firing an agent to create it, drop aliases on the list server host, and updating LDAP with a mail alias).

-However, it looks like U Washington already integrated Pubcookie into Mailman for their own use. So maybe I want mailman. (Never mind my dislike of pubcookie, which maybe someday we will rectify with use of certificates, and never mind further my own use of Ecartis, which I find works well for me, but probably isn't right for CMU)

-I played with AdiumX a bit, to get the Zephyr plugin working with Kerberos. It's ok. There are a few issues. It looks more promising than zChat, but there's probably not much point in spending even a small amount of time on it if none of my apparently-Zephyr-allergic coworkers care. It uses Gaim's libgaim library, incidentally, and there's also a Kerberized Zephyr version of the DLL for that. So all of the "but I need to log into a unix box to run Zephyr, and that's too hard" weasels sort of lost their legs, but I'm sure there will be a new set of excuses.

-A pile of OpenAFS issues addressed. Good thing we will do neither of provide installers to students (for OS X or Windows) or update to a modern version of the Windows client in our public labs, and so in the next few months I'll hear again how horrible it is. I wonder how many of these people are still running IE 5 or Netscape 4.7 and have on that basis decided the web is no good. It's doing nothing to help me feel my work is appreciated, that's for certain.

-I need to get my test Cyrus installation running. The Cyrus technical questions mostly make sense and at this point I'm almost up to speed on code changes since what I'm running, but there are a few things I need to play with live to get a good appreciation for them. Of course, just in time for me to start working on Cyrus, the division is working on a project to support mail devices which will use an alternate mail infrastructure, thus helping to ensure I won't accidentally get the idea that I'm doing anything useful.

-The video in my laptop is dying. It's personal productivity time at work, and I think I'm assured of getting nothing. Perhaps it shouldn't bother me, but it does, mostly because what I asked for last year was ignored in a way that resulted in me getting a machine hours after I needed it, and hours before the 15" Aluminum Powerbooks came out. In my annual review, I heard what I expected: I have a bad attitude. Ok, well, maybe you might want to address some of my gripes?
The challenge I got was basically "I don't believe you can be less negative". So I toned it way, way down. It's been a month. I covered my end. I have heard... nothing. Not even excuses.

So Monday it's back to the grind. Really, if I had any inkling that anything remotely positive was likely to happen at work any time soon, it would be easier to have a better attitude and mean it.


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