Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

For today's fun

Power outage. I was sitting in my office banging my head against SASL, and lo, was there no more video. Or fan noise. From the 12 or so machines in my office.

Did I blow my circuit? The collective groan I can hear behind me (seriously) says no.

So, I walk outside. Yes, the generator is running. A trip to the machine room tells me none of our services lost. Only, the cooling system is a campuswide chilled water loop, and the heat exchanger isn't on a generator. Ok, we started shedding some excess load by turning off machines. We killed everything which was unused just in time for... the power to come back.

So I powered stuff back on, and went home. It's a beautiful day, why do I want to sit behind a window where i can see Warner Hall, and nothing else? I think my work bitterness is slightly less than it's been recently, but after I beat my boss for taking the old mail room in exchange for a better (read: windowed) conference room for a meeting, he commented "I wasn't aware you cared about your environment."

I hope he was kidding.

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