Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Recognizing one's personality strengths

This is sort of the flipside of my last entry. It's a smaller list. Maybe I'm overlooking some. Maybe I suck.

Well, it certainly beats giving up on things, and it's the other side of the single-mindedness coin.

Crisis mode.
Something's broken and needs to be dealt with NOW, or perhaps, ALREADY? The decision which falls out may not in retrospect be the most correct decision, but I don't shy away, or become shell-shocked and unable to deal. And if (and as) conditions change while I'm dealing, I can adapt; Being rigid and inflexible in a crisis can sometimes exacerbate the problem in unanticipated ways.
The interesting thing here is when I've reached an impasse with something I'm working on, or have become demotivated to the point of lacking forward progress, a crisis can easily kick me back into action, because dealing with it gives me back the sense of having gotten something done, rather than being bogged down in politics, mundanity, or a task which is on the edge or outside what I can realistically deal with.

Of course, this list, combined with the other one, can sometimes mean that I'm productive only in spurts, when kicked into action by crises, and otherwise I end up single-mindedly pursuing a non-critical goal because I've been put off my concentration in whatever I should really be dealing with.

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