Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The last month has been fun. I spent too much of it tracking down one particular AFS issue we were seeing at work; It turns out that an error in recent Windows AFS clients, combined with an object reference counter which could only tally just over 32000 references before overflowing, seems to have triggered this. It took a lot of trial and error, and a perhaps embarassing amount of downtime for our servers, to discover that.

I've done 2 OpenAFS releases, have one more pending, and am working on a Cyrus SASL release (which really I should have finished already). Plus, the side job has turned up several interesting bugs. So, I've been very busy.

But, some other things have been happening in the background. I found a set of Nickel-Zinc batteries for my electric car. I paid for half earlier this week, and will pay for the rest on Monday. So perhaps that project can finally move forward. And as I have most other Mondays this year, on Monday I went to the Oaks Theater and saw The Seagull's Laughter. (The official web site sort of sucks)

Despite the story not conforming to the norms of flow most American filmgoers would expect, I found it intriguing, as did, apparently, a good many critics. It does an excellent job of portraying period, atmosphere (Iceland in winter? Gloomy...), culture (socialist seafaring families and conservative "high society") while setting an attractive young expatriate who has returned from America as a widow in the foreground to show the ways in which she has grown in ways the society she had escaped isn't ready to handle. The story is told from the point of view of her cousin, the orphaned granddaughter who progresses from a girl to a (young) woman over the course of the film, moving over the course of the picture from indirectly rebuking her cousin's assertiveness, to an odd acceptance of it in the last scene. Edit: And of course, the wardrobing was great.

It was interesting enough that I returned to see it today (the last day); Thanks to my new nemesis Allegheny River Boulevard I missed the first 10 minutes. Oh well. The DVD comes out in January.

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