Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The week (so far) in review

Sunday: I cleaned. Gave out candy, ran out early; There were large crowds early on. I went out with a couple people for food, came home, and got back to work.

Monday: I got PearPC working natively on MacOS X. Very slow. My batteries (9 of these for my electric car) didn't show up. I failed to fix a bug in Cyrus, which is turns out is just a misuse of the (poor) Perl API. I also played, briefly, with Mac-on-Mac, which is just a wrapper around Mac on Linux.

Tuesday: Prepared for problems, I went to the poll with no ID, and a cell phone with the ACLU's number in it. There were no problems. Ballot cast. I got the first case damage on my new laptop. Very minor. Still, sigh, it is no longer immaculately shiny. I was reminded that IMSP is my problem. I went to lunch, where I still am. One stop to drop off a UPS package, then home to work and wait for batteries, and see how the election plays out.

I wonder if Wednesday and on will be so mundane.

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