Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The Lost City of Atlanta

It is hard to imagine that the last 24+ hours could be any better than these were. Yesterday I got to DC and jhutz and I took Metro out to Vienna for lunch at a greek diner with Ros and Alison. Tasty.

Came back to Union Station and sat down to wait for my train. While online, mizmoose suggested I might meet niqui on the train, as she was coming down on the Crescent having come in from Chicago. Lo, on getting on the train, she was in the room next to me.

While I was getting settled, I heard the man across the hall (or maybe across and one room down) telling the sleeping car steward that in church the previous Sunday he was "looked at like a liberal" because of his pin in church, the woman was polite, but then sat elsewhere. He went to Auburn, apparently looked down upon by other members of his church. His quote made me a bit sad.

Dinner in the diner was in Virginia, not Carolina, but was vaguely surreal. I have to say that Sabrina's environment sounds more "challenging" than mine, but that's not the half of it. There was someone at the table behind us who had clearly had too many before they even showed up in the diner. The train originates in New York, so perhaps it was the lounge car's "fault". I heard a lot of "interesting" things, where I mean that in the ancient Chinese curse sense. And across from me was the gentleman who'd attended Auburn, who seemed like just that (a gentleman); He related a tale of being transported north on short notice after induction and getting to Chicago in the cold with only a t-shirt. "Oops".

After dinner I watched a movie for a while (I used the top bunk so as to avoid folding down the seats, and let me say that I had second thoughts about using a laptop in an upper bunk after recent bad luck, but it turned out fine). About an hour in, I was too tired to continue, and so put the laptop in the cubbyhole above the aisle and passed out. That was somewhere around Danville.

Today I woke up in Georgia. It looked like we were going to be 30 minutes early, but Amtrak pulled it out at the last moments, and we sat 10 minutes from the station for 45 minutes. niqui came by and we swapped train horror stories (well, I suppose the train does have to be *somewhere* in the middle of the night).

Taxied to the hotel from the train station with her, then wandered around hunting for people. Found Love, and shortly thereafter found that the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum was a bit more than a couple miles away. Love and I walked over, and went through the museum. Seeing the exhibits and listening to the President was my life-changing moment for the day, the one which gives me hope for my country again; If this man could follow the ill-advised Vietnam War years and make so much progress in 4 years, in spite of his loss when the Iran hostage crisis ran rampant and swayed opinion against him, surely we are not doomed. But he too, like the presidents before and after him, wasn't perfect; The Shah was repressing his own peoples, and like the governments before him, the Carter administration did not castigate him.

After walking back, we took MARTA to Lenox, and Love got a replacement power brick from CompUSA. As we were heading back, Ken called, and dinner ended up being Ken, Heidi, Love, rmitz and I went to a Spanish Tapas restaurant.

Next up, AFS Workshop. I should finish my slides.

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