Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Getting back on track

The Atlanta trip concluded with my 3rd "game show" stint; This time I advanced in the first round, but ckd beat me in the final round. My "lovely parting gifts" included a coffee table book on vintage computers. Very cool.

I shared a room on the train with rmitz as far as DC, then he went on his way, and I wandered around the Capitol, finding my way into the line for the National Museum of the American Indian. For the size of the building, the exhibit space is not as large as you'd guess. Also, the 3rd floor was a sauna due to a heating malfunction which they were only fixing when I left hours later. But, the exhibits were all very interesting. Looking for a way to spend the afternoon I went next door... to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Less emotional than my Atlanta visits, but still an interesting and somewhat educational end to the trip. Then it was back on the train... which arrived *early* into Pittsburgh.

Since then it's been 3 Cyrus IMAP releases, a serious debugging session with IMSP, and not enough OpenAFS work... and 3 trips to the Oaks Theater (Lift - the movie, 3 Stooges night, and P.S.) but I just can't find my groove. Soon, it will be Sweden time. I wonder if I will have gotten anything done by then.
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