Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Still they ride, on wheels of fire

In between the piles of work I have to do, I've been figuring out what electricdaytona is likely to need to pass inspection, or upon becoming legally driveable. At the same time, I think the alignment is out on the front of the minivan; I wonder if winter is the best time to experiment with 2 low rolling resistance tires on it, and for that matter, if only putting on 2 tires will make a difference in the gas mileage.

Anyway, I really need to break the logjam on both fronts; I have pent-up Cyrus patches to test (my test installation is actually working now, thankfully) as well as an experimental rewritten MacOS X AFS port which crashes that I should fix and get out the door, plus all the stuff we talked about in Sweden which I should really be progressing on.

I have an invitation to do to an Apple kernel programming thing in a couple weeks, but seeing as I'd have to come up with hotel and travel on short notice, and I've not been stellar with the productivity recently (ok, there are good reasons for it, but I still feel bad about it) I don't feel justified in asking. Otherwise, well, that's be the obvious place to work on the OSX AFS stuff.

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will work out better. Now, sleep.
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