Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Grease monkey, ex-junkie, winner of the fight

Friday was one of my frequently-infrequent trips to Manhattan, and aside from an unpleasant surprise I got when I stopped at the Plainfield service plaza (which in fact turned out to be worse than I guessed, but which was entirely recoverable) it all worked out. Had Indian food with allwein in Harrisburg on the way up, which was good, because I never managed to leave for lunch on Friday; I got busy working on stuff and just sort of forgot about it until it was time to dash back to Penn Station.

I came directly home, and beat the snowstorm, and somehow despite not sleeping well the night before, was only briefly tired (though it was sort of scary for a moment, when at 75mph in the passing lane I suddenly had a sinus problem or something and found myself feeling off-balance; I dropped my speed quickly and slid in to the right, then pulled into the service plaza which was just a mile more up. Eating something small (this time at the Lawn service plaza) and waiting a few minutes resulted in being fine the rest of the way home, including the trip up the twisty east slope of Allegheny Mountain. Incidentally, despite talk of raising the speed limit between the west side of the Allegheny Tunnels and New Stanton to 65 again, it hasn't happened yet. they must be waiting for the spring.

The plan was to run some AFS fileserver tests Saturday while I was also working on fixing some Cyrus bugs, then to work on MacOS AFS client issues Sunday, but it didn't quite work out that well. I do have a bleeding-edge Cyrus test install I'm banging on and I fixed a few of the pent-up issues I had, but not as many as I'd liked. My instrumented fileserver didn't corrupt itself a single time, either. And I never got to back to the Mac stuff; I think I'm holding a lock out of order, and the kernel debugger is behaving very badly as a result. And while it's tempting to deal with my kernel gdb host (as opposed to the target I was debugging) crapping its disk by buying a Mac Mini, perhaps I shouldn't blow the money on it just now.

So now, it's Monday. Didn't make it to Quaker Steak & Lube this week to see what turned out to be a Steelers loss, and in fact during most of the game I was out of the room reading. Also didn't take electricdaytona out for the pictures I'll need for the MV-426B inspection. Taking pictures of a white car in the snow? Not so much a good idea. Also, shoveling the driveway sucks.

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