Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Last night I decided I needed a break, and went out to watch trains for a while. One of my usual haunts is the Fort Wayne line running northwest from Pittsburgh into Ohio, then turning west. Particularly, the portion of the line between East Conway and Beaver Falls (including the cutoff to the "Youngstown line" at the north end of New Brighton).

I had been driving around watching for a while, and had gone all the way to Homewood before turning back chasing an eastbound. I caught it at Rochester, then passed it, figuring I'd beat it to Conway. Well, it was stopped up the line, but something was coming toward me... I got to Freedom just in time to see it was the westbound Capitol Limited!

I decided to turn back and try to see it at the cutoff in New Brighton. However, by the time I turned around and got back to Rochester I heard one of the dragging equipment detectors up the line, telling me I'd lost. I didn't want to lose, so I got on route 51 and drove to Ohio, East Palestine to be specific.

It was a drive I hadn't made in a while, but one which brought back a lot of memories, many of which were triggered by businesses which used to advertise on WWKS back when I listened to that... well, that and the fact that I'd driven by their Beaver Falls studio, still used by the formerly co-owned AM station, earlier.

I beat the Capitol to East Palestine by about 10 minutes, watched it go by, then started back to Pittsburgh. 1:20 later I was home, having passed up a few opportunities to watch some other trains, unfortunately. (But it was getting late; I left Ohio at 12:30)

It looks like Norfolk Southern is getting ready to resignal around East Conway; Unfortunate, as yet more classic signals will be consigned to history.

I long for "the good old days".

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