Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I'm not the guy to run with, 'cause I'll throw you off the line.

I'm not sure if Windows is really that crappy to deal with, or whether my experiences are seasoned by the fact that I only touch it when someone else is already stumped. My brother got a Serial ATA Raid Poweredge 800 at work. Apparently Windows XP Pro is its mortal enemy.

Also, trying to install redacted Apple OS on my Blue & White G3 is hard. It comes on a DVD. This machine lacks a DVD drive. I could strip the essentials down to a 800mb CD. I have only 650mb CDs. It won't boot a usb or a firewire disk.

On the plus side, apparently I can look at a photo which is 80 years old and guess based on geography and certain given facts exactly where it is, and then go there and pick out the buildings in the photo. And seeing as route 982 is closed just south of Youngstown, PA, I could even go stand in the middle of the street and replicate the picture, well, minus the streetcar and the huge snowdrifts.
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