Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I'm a jet fuel genius - I solve all the world's problems without even trying

Last weekend I went out to run various errands, including picking up a 10/100 switch to replace the old 10mbit only hub in my living room, and a USB2/Firewire disk enclosure so I could do the work to set up NetRestore downloads of redacted operating system in my house. I have some lofty goals for both of the big projects I work on (which probably won't entirely come to fruition, but...) and having the ability to rapidly construct machines to do development on is step 1 of the plan.

I also planned to make a cheesecake, a (cop out Boboli) pizza for dinner, test and commit several Cyrus patches, and pull in a couple pending OpenAFS updates, as well as look at an OpenAFS issue for someone. In all, it was a busy day I had planned.

As I was out and about doing the stuff I started thinking about task ordering. I realized that various of the tasks had a prep time followed by needing to run most of the way to completion without my involvement, and tried constructing ordering in my head. It didn't work too well. So, thinking, I decided what I wanted was
1) PDA software to order this stuff, with a list of tasks (some with known time constraints involved and some I'd need to provide estimates for, like the code development stuff)
2) A speech recognition way of entering the items, even if I then had to use the touch screen to finish setting up.

The latter would almost suggest a Newton, except that they're sort of dead. The former, well, I have no idea.

My lack of organization resulted in burning the top of the cheesecake and I still haven't tried it. I should. Otherwise, I did get most of what I wanted to get done, done. But I still think it would have been easier with better tools.

Speaking of tools, my ReplayTV experiment ended at the Post Office an hour ago. Poopli is nice but I didn't use it enough to justify one ReplayTV in an otherwise TiVo household. Its place has been taken by a used Series 2 TiVo.

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