Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Well, he ran down the hall and he cried

So, one of the tasks which hasn't popped to the top of my list long enough to get done has been porting AFS to redacted new release of redacted operating system, for which redacted vendor provided some help in the form of a software seed.

Except, well, the seed expired. No problem, a coworker gave me one of his software seed keys. So today, I realize that I got a new version of the software seed on Friday, but didn't get the sample code. So I delete the old one, go to pick up a new one, and find that that seed key has also expired... rendering me unable to work on this any further, because I now don't know what the interface I'm writing to looks like.

So I'm just going to walk away from my computer, and hope it all gets better in the morning, and if not, maybe I can find a job in a field where there isn't always something or someone preventing me from getting anything done.

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