Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

This dream can pass just as fast as lightning

I hesitate to call it burnout, because I don't think that's what it is. But I do wonder if the answer is a need to resolve. Perhaps it is time to finally do the resume, or, perhaps it is time to do 2. One would be the "stay in this field" resume, and one would be the "different line of work" resume.

Between work environment, certain other stupidity, and my apparent inability to take back my hobby, I think the current situation is a loss. So the question then becomes one of whether I can suitably reduce my financial footprint, or whether there is an actual need to replace the compensation of 2 jobs. The 18 mile commute is bothersome despite being unnecessary some of the time, but if I'm going to bother to move, it's not clear that I simply want to move closer to Oakland, an area which has lost a lot of the things which made it interesting since I arrived in 1987.

I vaguely have a few options, and I suppose I need to explore more.

The view out my window is more dreary than usual, today.
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