Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Hey I'm not complaining 'cause I really need the work

So some time in the next few weeks, tentatively 7/1/2005, I am changing jobs. I will be working for these people, though not in the obvious position advertised on their home page. (Though, that's basically what I'll be doing)

So, as to what brokengoose said about coworkers' expections of me, well, the answer to that is easy: get new coworkers.

I am not moving. Perhaps some time in the future I will again work for CMU. But I need a break from Oakland, and I need a break from the politics we have there. Everywhere has politics. This will be something new.

Only when I became a "lame duck" was I able to start seeing the beauty in Oakland again. This weekend my youngest brother graduated as a member of the 75th class to commence from Central Catholic. As I did 14 years ago, he got his walk across the stage at Solders' and Sailors' Hall. I arrived in Oakland in the fall of 1987, and in the intervening 18 years, Oakland has had and lost a night club, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and several other things. It is not the same Oakland it was when I got there. I miss that Oakland.

But time marches on, and here we are. Hopefully I will have more time for some trips to the libraries, and can rediscover some of the charms Oakland held for me all those years ago.
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