Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Now I’ve been crying lately, thinking about the world as it is

My appreciation of the administration and good works since of Jimmy Carter is no great surprise to any of you who've been reading for a while, or talked politics with me (and if you have, I'm sorry).

So, this tidbit from Slate which I vaguely remember hearing before now that I've seen it again:

I am not one of those who uses the term "conspiracy theory" as an automatic sneer of dismissal. Conspiracies do occur. I spent a lot of my life at one point trying to show that William Casey of the Reagan-era CIA had made a private deal with the Iranian hostage-takers in 1979, inducing them to keep their prisoners until the Carter administration had been defeated, and I still firmly believe that something of the sort (which eventually culminated in the Iran-Contra underworld) was at least attempted. So do many senior members of both parties in Washington, with whom I am still in touch.

makes me very sad. I should probably try harder to disabuse myself of the notion that it was the end of the Carter administration which was the root of getting to the point we're at.

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