Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The trees went by, me and Del were singin’ Little Runaway

The highlight of the last week had to be the night when I had a tipsy Jeff Altman, Ken Hornstein and a couple of SLACers in my car and as a result of a crack I made when Ken suggested I was overdressed, Jeff and I belted out "You're So Vain" along with Carly Simon. If I'd had more to drink, perhaps I too would have been louder and less on key, but I also wouldn't have been driving ;)

But there was much more.
Scene from the riverCertainly the boat ride at the AFS Best Practices workshop was a good time. It's hard to be out on the river and not enjoy it.

Friday night, after dinner at Kassab's with gendalia and her cow orker and a few other people, I ended up out chasing trains. My friend missed his bulb shot when the signal unexpectedly cleared up while we were setting up, but I got this shot at the base of the Duquesne Incline just before that.

Saturday ended up being a trip to Weirton/Steubenville, where among other things I got this shot from Weirton Heights. Before heading home I stopped to visit thwomp and je2i,
and now it's my last week at CMU. I wonder how the end game will play out.


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