Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

If you open up your eyes then you'll realize what I say

Somehow, for the second day in a row I went biking before a storm came, and managed to be done before it rained. Yesterday was "look at weather map, oh crap, go ride 20 miles now now now". Today was "hm. looks like it might rain, better ride faster" 24 miles into what ended up a 28 mile ride.

More importantly, today was the day I realized the 54 mile one way trip Boston->Connellsville is possible, if I pick a day which isn't miserably hot. My butt didn't even hurt after the 28 miles, and I could have gone further, but I turned back when I did due to what I correctly anticipated would be encroaching dusk when I got back to the car.

The only gotcha is my right knee, the one which has occasionally acted up since high school, is a little cranky. I'll have to be careful to not overdo it. 108 miles for the week beginning Saturday. If I get in 20 more before Saturday, it's good. 40 is excellent. More, we'll see.

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