Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Contestants in a suicidal race

The day began in Bellefonte, PA, where last night concluded. Got some work done, though, is it ever as much as it should be? Anyway, at least the relevant project made some forward progress. Lunch, then, became an Indian place in State College we failed to go to the day before.

After a brief sidelining after lunch to look at a problem which cropped up, I headed west on I-80, intending to bike, and visit an old diesel locomotive which was recently sold and was expected to be making its way to northwestern PA. I-80 construction was annoying, but only slightly. Unlike elsewhere they don't seem to be maintaining 4 lanes.

As the locomotive I planned to photograph hadn't made it to Youngstown yet, I got on the Stavich Bike Trail at the New Castle end and got in my 20 miles today. No services along the trail, mostly, except a small town it passes through near the west end does have a small market in it. Then it was south to Beaver County, where my locomotive had not only not left, but was still in a location where getting a picture was basically right out.

Oh well. Travel doesn't always go like you plan. Try, try again.

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