Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

The clarity is chilling

The idea that maybe it's time to live elsewhere has sort of been floating in my head for a while. So in that vein, here's my checklist for moving:
-Somewhere where the nearest bike trail is not a 20 minute drive away. When I want to bike for a couple hours, I don't want to blow an hour in setup/teardown, and driving to a trail is basically that.
-Somewhere that is near ideally a body of water where public swimming is welcome, or less ideally but still ok, a private beach or pool. Here I am willing to drive a bit, I guess.
-In a city of a decent size. No more deciding at 9:30pm that I want something to eat and being 25 or more minutes driving from basically anything but the usual 24 hour dinerish places.
-There have to be active rail lines around. I want to be able to go watch trains without the process of doing so consuming most of my life. Bonus point for Amtrak service.
-A neighborhood (or something rural, but that probably conflicts with the above) and not suburban sprawl.
-Bonus points if registering my electric car gets easier.
-Bonus points if there's useful public transit around. More if it's rail. (Ha)

I don't think I want to move more than about 3-4 hours driving from Pittsburgh. This means central PA is in, but Philly is out, for instance. DC/Baltimore are sort of at the extreme edge of that. this probably limits me to very few "large" cities and otherwise things ranging down to the size of Erie, Morgantown, Steubenville, or maybe smaller.

Maybe I'm too picky. Maybe I'm doomed.

Edit: in fairness, I never suggested where I move couldn't be elsewhere in the Pittsburgh area, either.
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