Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Let me take you there, show you a living story

In early April, I found myself wanting a better camera rather badly. I kept finding myself in interesting places and yet crippled from shooting what I wanted by the small point and shoot digital I had (Canon S45, which really isn't a bad camera, but wasn't well-suited to my purpose; I bought 3 at the time and gave 2 to my siblings so we'd be able to share bits if the need arose). Of course, the time was not right, I had to deal with taxes.

At the start of May I mustered the money for a digital SLR. There are exactly 2 problems with it:
- Carrying one while biking sucks, and I keep seeing interesting things while biking. Tonight as I was working back east on the North Shore Trail I emerged from behind the Science Center in time to see fireworks from the Pirates game at PNC Park reflected off one of the Gateway Center towers. No camera. I saw 2 trains pass on the Ohio Connecting bridge. No camera. I saw a bunch of ducks swimming in the river, with the sun dropping behind the horizon formed by the hills across the Ohio. No camera. Gah!
- It (like anything) can't take pictures of what the eye can see. At night it needs flash. In more light, it may still blur.

I've been archiving days in pictures at . There's no front page there yet; When I get motivated, I'll fix that.

The galleries deliberately lack text. The pictures are a window into my world. Some of the pictures need no explanation. Some simply have none. Others, well, if you want the story, all I can say is you'll have to ask. Please do.

In fairness, I have commented on some of those days in protected entries. Comment if you want to be friended (create yourself an account, of course; they're free).

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